The Best Protein Powder for Women

Ladies, you should know that certain supplements are essential to the body and should never be cut out while dieting. One of them is protein. Protein is essential for the hair, nails and skin, not to mention all the extra added benefits it has for the body.

There is a large variety of food sources out there that contain an abundance of protein, however; busy women on the go do not always have time to prepare such foods. That is where the best protein powder for women comes into play. Its’ the easiest thing in the world to add a scoop of protein powder to your breakfast, lunch or dinner! What is the best protein powder, you ask? Remember girls, not all protein powders are created equal!

The Best Protein Powder for Women

The most widely sold protein powder on the market today is whey. It is derived from milk so it is by far the easiest protein to digest. There are whey concentrates and whey isolates. If you happen to be lactose intolerant, whey protein isolate is mostly just whey protein, making it the obvious better choice for you. Whey has it’s benefits. Not only does it build muscle it has been known to help fight cancer as it aids the body in the production of disease fighting antioxidants.

Probably the best protein powder for women weight loss is casein. For an active woman looking to maintain lean muscle, casein can aid significantly in the dieting process. It is one of the best protein powder for women to lose weight because it helps you feel full longer. Casein is also derived from milk and it is a complete protein. Other health benefits of casein for women is that it helps build stronger bones, aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis. When shopping for casein, you want to look for the brand that has not been hydrolyzed, as it is more of a fast-acting protein like whey. Casein is one of the best protein powder for women.

best protein powder for women

Along with whey protein and casein, there is also soy, pea, rice and hemp. It is highly recommended that the average healthy woman stay away from soy as much as possible, however; as soybeans for the most part are genetically altered and have been known to raise estrogen levels. This can make a woman a prime candidate for various forms of cancer. If you consider yourself a vegan, then stick to pea, rice or hemp protein powders. One choice is VEGA.

When asked the question “what is the best protein powder for women?” Many experts recommend whey. If you have trouble with whey you can try powdered egg white protein, it is a suitable source of protein for the amount the body needs. In a matter of taste, however; most whey protein shakes taste just like chocolate milk. Since you do have to drink it, wouldn’t you much rather have something that tastes great as opposed to something horrible? Some suggested brands to look for are Muscle Milk, Nature’s Best ISOPURE and Optimum Nutrition(ON) Whey. This should help you with your search.

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